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Rozas & Rozas immigration attorneys want to stress the importance of immediate action in regards to detention and deportation defense. Once a deportation order is filed, the victim has 30 days to stop removal or deportation, pressing the need for a vastly experienced immigration attorney for backup.

With the Rozas & Rozas attorneys by your side, fearing deadlines will be the least of your concerns because our experienced immigration attorneys deeply understand the importance of time when it comes to these matters. Whether we can propose release from a bond or utilize another solution to an impending deportation, our attorneys will find the answer to your immigration litigation.

If you or a loved one is detained in one of the following detention centers, we urge you to call our highly skilled Louisiana immigration attorneys at Rozas & Rozas for help now.

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Free consultation with a Louisiana immigration lawyer. Rozas & Rozas Law Firm 225-478-1111.

LaSalle Detention Facility
830 Pine Hill Road
Jena, LA 71342

Located two miles northwest of downtown Jena, LaSalle Detention Facility is next door to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. The LaSalle Detention facility is owned and operated by a private prison corporation, the Geo Group, running the facility to house ICE detainees since 2008.

To post a departure or delivery bond, ICE will need representation by an immigration attorney to delegate about the immigrant’s standings for such approval. After working regularly with LaSalle Detention Facility for years, our experienced Louisiana immigration attorneys have refined their strategy to better serve our clients for their rightful release.

Oakdale Federal Detention Center
2105 East Whatley Road
Oakdale, Louisiana 71463

Owned by the federal government and ran by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the Oakdale Federal Detention Center in Louisiana hold immigrants through removal proceedings and pending deportation. Shortly after arriving, detainees are transferred to Oakdale Immigration Court, where proper representation and valid evidence can appease the victim of their initial proceedings.


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Immigration Court
Rozas & Rozas immigration attorneys will carefully review your case to provide optimum assistance for release. Whether you need our representation to avoid deportation or secure citizenship, our immigration attorneys are highly capable in achieving your respective goal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are facing detainment or immigration threats at this facility.

Our attorneys at Rozas & Rozas Law Firm provide legal representation in release and deportation defense to the immigrants imprisoned at either of these Louisiana detention center facilities. In addition, our attorneys also work to help those imprisoned in any of the other detention facilities in the southeast region. Our immigration attorneys work to ensure the rights of immigrants and their children are protected, and that immigrants are treated fairly and with dignity throughout the entire process.

Protect your inalienable rights with our help. Let us serve to your advantage in court and use our expertise to release detainment and legally establish your stay in the United States. Contact our immigration attorneys at Rozas & Rozas Law Firm today.


Our experience with the complex laws of immigration has provided hundreds of families with the ability to stay close and with their family here in the United States while navigating the complicating laws of immigration. Let us guide you through this complex area of law. If you or a loved one is facing an issue in immigration court, you need help navigating through the justice system. That’s what the law firm of Rozas & Rozas is here for.

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