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At Rozas & Rozas, each attorney is focused on a specific area of practice. This allows them to use their experience and a depth of knowledge that simply cannot be gained by someone who does not have the same level of focus.

Family Law

Let us handle the legal fight and court system while you deal with an emotional situation. That's what the law firm of Rozas & Rozas is here for.
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Rozas & Rozas Law Firm Rozas and Rozas is here for you in the trying circumstances that surround family law cases. Are you going through a divorce? Don't let your former spouse take advantage of you. Ensure your financial future and your relationship with your children stays strong. We can also help with adoptions, paternity cases, and protection orders.
Rozas & Rozas Law Firm Solution Makers: Our team is committed to being part of a solution for your family not part of the problem. We will care about you as a person, not just a dollar sign. Family law judges are often experienced and respect attorneys who keep a cool head and know the law, like those at Rozas and Rozas.
Is Your Family Being Torn Apart?
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Our attorneys have the proper temperament to aid you in navigating through the emotional events of either a divorce, custody battle, or domestic violence situation. We have saved hundreds of people countless hours and money in resolving their case swiftly and justly. Our client's interest is always our top priority.
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Divorce - Child Custody & Support - Relocation - Paternity - Protection Orders
Louisiana Divorce Lawyer

We handle all of the issues that go along with divorce, including child custody and support, spousal support, and property division. If domestic abuse and battery have been an issue that led up to the divorce or becomes an issue during the divorce process, we can assist with protection orders and related matters.If you are considering a divorce, have been served with divorce papers or are already in the midst of the divorce process, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can use our strength and knowledge to help you get the results you want.

Property Division

When you call our office, it usually means you are having a difficult time. It means your family is breaking up. You will have to deal not only with the emotions involved, but also with custody of your children, support for your children, perhaps support for yourself, and division of your community property. This can be an especially difficult time because in today's economy there is seldom enough money being brought in to support one household. Now that same amount of money will have to be used to support two households.

Child Custody

At the law firm of Rozas & Rozas, we are committed to helping people do what is best for their children. The number one consideration in child custody cases is the best interest of the child. Custody plans must be designed with this in mind. Sometimes, the best interest of the child is served with a 50/50 sharing custody plan and other times sole custody is right. Our role is to work with you to determine what outcome is best and pursue that outcome.

Child Support

Determining child support is rarely a simple matter. Entering numbers into the formula outlined in guidelines is easy, but getting accurate numbers can be difficult. In the real world, determining incomes can be very challenging, especially when people are self-employed, remarried, or have quit or lost their job. We have the experience to resolve these complex issues. Call Rozas and Rozas to help protect yourself and your children.

Move Away Cases

Are you interested in relocating to another state with your child? Do you want to try to stop your ex-spouse from relocating with your child? Relocation is a complex area of the law, requiring the attention of an experienced family law attorney. You will find that attorney at the Louisiana law firm of Rozas & Rozas. We help parents do what is right for themselves and their children.

Moves in Good Faith

The court places a high burden on a parent who wishes to move their child away. Although many moves are made with good intentions. Some moves are motivated by malice towards one parent. At Rozas and Rozas we can assist you in building a strong case of good faith by focusing on the facts. These are difficult cases. Courts do not like to see families divided by geography. Our job is to understand your position and build a case that makes it clear to the courts why your child should stay or go, and why that is in the child's best interest.

Family Adoptions

Many adoptions actually occur between families. Whether your adoption plans involve adopting a grandchild after a loss of their parent, or making a stepchild one of your own, it is important to work with an experienced Baton Rouge lawyer. We can also handle international adoptions and adoptions from foster care.

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