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If you or a loved one is facing an issue in immigration court, you need help navigating through the justice system. That’s what the law firm of Rozas & Rozas is here for.
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Rozas & Rozas Law Firm
Have you or a loved one been arrested and held on an immigration hold? Have you or has someone you care about been accused of a crime or something else that has put your immigration status in jeopardy? The law firm of Rozas & Rozas is here to guide you.

Rozas & Rozas Law Firm
For immigrants, even a minor criminal charge can result in an automatic deportation from the U.S., without the possibility of ever returning to this country legally. When it comes to federal laws dealing with the immigration consequences of a criminal plea or conviction, having a lawyer who understands the complexity of federal immigration law is a must.

Immigration Status At Risk?
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Our experience with the complex laws of immigration has provided hundreds of families with the ability to stay close and with their family here in the United States while navigating the complicating laws of immigration. Let us guide you through this complex area of law.
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Immigration Court

Appearing before the Immigration Court can be daunting. Most individuals involved in Immigration Court cases have many questions. You likely have many concerns about your future, your family, and the available options to you. You want an experienced immigration litigation attorney to assist you during this time. Rozas & Rozas Law Firm can handle all your immigration cases, including asylum cases, cancellation of removal, voluntary departure and renewal of cases denied by USCIS.

Representation in English and Spanish

Call 225-478-1111 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana immigration lawyer. English and Spanish-speaking representation is available.

Louisiana Family Naturalization Lawyer

Immigration law is a rapidly changing area of the legal system as new laws are passed and executive orders are implemented. Our team leverages its knowledge of these changes and its deep experience to bring cases to positive resolution. At Rozas & Rozas Law Firm, we can handle all of your family related immigration issues including: family petitions, finance (K-1) and spouse (K-3) temporary visas, citizenship, residency based on family petitions, work authorization, VAWA petitions (battered spouse/child), re-entry permits, consular processing, waiver of deportation or inadmissibility.

Representation in English and Spanish

Call 225-478-1111 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana immigration lawyer. English and Spanish-speaking representation is available.


The United States government detains both undocumented persons and legal immigrants, often accused of crimes, in various immigration facilities throughout the United States. You need an immigration lawyer who can work quickly to get the individual out on bond, back home with family, and have the immigration attorney file for the proper protection to avoid deportation immediately. This is exactly the kind of cases that we handle.

Representation in English and Spanish

If you or a loved one has been detained or is facing deportation, call 225-478-1111 to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced Baton Rouge and Lafayette immigration lawyers offer English and Spanish-speaking representation.

Pursuing Your Immigration Goals

Rozas and Rozas can help you if you are seeking to obtain temporary or permanent employment in the United States or are seeking to obtain a green card through family sponsorship. U.S. immigration laws are complex and having the right lawyer can make all the difference. Having experienced and knowledgeable counsel can alleviate your frustrations in the process and ensure your petition is not delayed due to errors or other problems.

Immigrant Visas and Nonimmigrant Visas

Ensure your visa application is prepared and processed correctly and efficiently. Our team has the experience, compassion, and dedication to help clients achieve their immigration goals. Contact us today if you are seeking an immigrant on nonimmigrant visa.

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Or contact our Louisiana law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Baton Rouge lawyer to handle your personal injury, criminal defense, immigration or family law needs. English and Spanish-speaking representation is available.
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