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Louisiana Immigration Lawyers

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Immigration Lawyers LA

The immigration system is complex and can be extremely frustrating for individuals who are trying to navigate through the system on their own. Our immigration attorneys have experience representing individuals with all types of immigration needs and legal issues. We understand that dealing with immigration concerns can be a frightening and stressful experience. That is why we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the best possible results in their case.

We have multiple attorneys who speak both English and Spanish, as well as full time staff who are also bilingual who will help you through the immigration process.

Free consultation with a Louisiana immigration lawyer. Rozas & Rozas Law Firm 225-478-1111.

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Free consultation with a Louisiana immigration lawyer. Rozas & Rozas Law Firm 225-478-1111.

Detention and Deportation Defense

Immigration Court

If you or a family member has been detained in an immigration facility in Louisiana (Jena, Oakdale, or Pine Prarie), or been arrested for a crime, and perhaps has an immigration detainer (hold) placed on them, you need the help of an attorney with extensive knowledge of criminal and immigration law.

In addition, we also represent people in immigration court in New Orleans (the local immigration court for the Louisiana region), having offices in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, we provide the best opportunity to be able to reach our clients at a moment’s notice. In all of these courts, the immigration lawyers at Rozas & Rozas have this expertise and we fight aggressively to make sure your case is handled promptly.

The threat of deportation can be extremely scary. Our immigration attorneys are here to help you.

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) places an immigration hold on you or your loved one while detained in a parish jail, you may not know what to do. You may feel, at times, that their is nothing that you can do. That is not true. Often times, we are able to secure a bond both in criminal court AND in immigration court so that you may be able to face the immigration proceedings outside of detention with the help and support of your family.

With years of experience in the vast area of criminal and immigration law, our attorneys are highly qualified to represent you in defending you throughout the deportation process. There are many options available to thwart off an impending deportation including, but not limited to, cancellation of removal, asylum, U-visa, SIJS, TPS, and withholding of removal. We have a proven track record of successful immigration litigation and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of immigrants.

Our team can help with your immigration or detention issues. 225-478-1111

Family Immigration

Family Immigration

Immigration law is a rapidly changing area of the legal system as new laws are passed and executive orders are implemented. Our team leverages its knowledge of these changes and its deep experience to bring cases to positive Every family immigration situation is unique and there are many ways our lawyers can provide the legal guidance to help bring your family together. United States immigration law provides opportunities to allow families to stay together and live legally in the U.S. whether through permanent residency, K-1 fiance visa, K-3 marriage visa, or visas for children, siblings or parents.

Each of these options has specific documentation requirements and filing procedures for necessary paperwork. Mistakes or missed deadlines can result in unfavorable outcomes and potentially removal. One of the family immigration attorney’s with our law firm can guide you through these processes and make sure your documents and applications are properly prepared and submitted on time.

At Rozas & Rozas, our immigration lawyers have helped individuals across the state of Louisiana and their family members obtain the immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas they need to travel to and reside in the U.S. legally. Whether it be filing an I-130, 485, 765 or a waiver (601) and (601-A), our immigration lawyers know exactly what to do.

Get help with your family’s immigration needs today! The immigration experts at Rozas & Rozas are here to help. Call us at 225-478-1111.

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Get help with your family’s immigration needs today! The immigration experts at Rozas & Rozas are here to help. Call us at 225-478-1111.

Naturalization and Citizenship

Immigrant Visas & Nonimmigrant Visas

If you wish to become a U.S. citizen, our Lafayette immigration law firm can help you achieve your citizenship goals. Naturalization is the formal process of becoming a citizen of the United States. There are many components, documents to complete and steps you must follow in order to qualify for naturalization, including but not limited to the N-400.

To begin with, you must be 18 years of age or older and have been a permanent resident for at least five years or three if you are married to a U.S. citizen, and meet various other eligibility requirements. We will aide you in preparing your N-400 application, studying to take the required citizenship tests, and help you prepare for your interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services representative. Additionally, our lawyers will handle any delays or even denials of your application.

Rozas & Rozas Law Firm can walk you through every step of the naturalization process.


Our experience with the complex laws of immigration has provided hundreds of families with the ability to stay close and with their family here in the United States while navigating the complicating laws of immigration. Let us guide you through this complex area of law. If you or a loved one is facing an issue in immigration court, you need help navigating through the justice system. That’s what the law firm of Rozas & Rozas is here for.

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