Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer Explains Restoring Voter Rights After A Felony Offense

Feb 21, 2017

Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer Explains Restoring Voter Rights After A Felony Offense

While it is widely known that conviction of a felony offense will result in a loss of voter's rights, it is less widely known that those rights are automatically restored upon completion of imprisonment, probation, or parole.

The Louisiana Election Code provisions restricting voting rights for those convicted of a felony offense apply only to those who are "under an order of imprisonment," which is defined to include those defendants who are serving a suspended sentence, or who are on probation or parole. Upon successful completion of any and all of these requirements, a convicted felon may then submit an application for voter registration.

In a class-action lawsuit filed last year, a number of plaintiffs dealing with long term parole and probation sentences are raising questions about the extension of voting ineligibility to those offenders who are not incarcerated. The suit, spearheaded by an organization called ExOffender, alleges that the denial of voting rights to these offenders who are not incarcerated is unconstitutional under the Louisiana Constitution. This suit is still underway at the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge, with an upcoming hearing in March of 2017.

Those offenders who have completed all imprisonment, suspended sentence, probation, and parole requirements may register or re-register to vote in person at the registrar's office in the proper Parish of residence. Online registration applications can also be submitted at The Secretary of State website.

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