If you are the subject of a temporary restraining order, this could end up being a very serious matter that can really affect your future in family, money, and employment.  Many people don't understand that they have certain rights even in these types of hearings. 
  • First, you have a right to be notified of the date of the hearing and to consult with an attorney before proceeding.
  • Second, you are able to be represented by an attorney of your choosing.
  • Third, you have a right to defend yourself, have a trial, ask for evidence, and bring witnesses on your behalf. 
These are exactly the types of cases that we at Rozas and Associates handle on a daily basis.  We have defended hundreds of individuals in the last two decades against wrongfully issued Temporary Restraining Orders.  We have fought inside and outside of court on behalf of our clients to make sure that the hearing is done fairly and with due process for our client.  

Remember, these hearings happen very quickly.  Often, the Louisiana courts will set these hearings within days, sometimes hours.  You need to immediately call an attorney who will fight for you to make sure that these are done correctly.  

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