Immigration Attorneys in Baton Rouge

“I’ve been practicing immigration law in Louisiana and throughout the US state, federal, and immigration courts for over 16 years.”

Our team, here at Rozas Law Firm, is like a family, and we welcome you to join. Our combined experience will give you the upper hand whether you’re dealing with immigration services, practicing for the citizenship quiz, taking an immigration medical exam, asking for a letter of recommendation for immigration, or going to immigration court. We are here to help you achieve the life you deserve through asylum, citizenship, employment visas, or any other passage into the United States you want to follow. We are here to fight for you.

Family Lawyers in Louisiana

“For 35 years I watched my father fight for every single client that walked through his door. I’ve carried on his mission.”

As experienced family law attorneys, we’ve seen what divorce and custody battles can do to people. Our goal is to prevent the fighting and the need to go to family court. We want to be the family law firm that makes your life easier and provides you and your family with a seamless process of getting a divorce, accepting custody agreements, or anything in between. Many family court lawyers thrive off of conflict, but here at Rozas, our goal is to prevent it; we are here for you!

Criminal Defense Attorneys in South Louisiana

“Within the first day of hiring Rozas to handle your case, you’ll realize that you’ve become part of our family.”

As a new member of our family, we will do everything in our power to protect you. We take pride, as criminal defense lawyers, in our past victories defending those who have been wrongfully accused. You need a criminal defense attorney who will never doubt you and who will be there with you every step of the way. Our past doesn’t lie; we fight for everyone we represent, including you. We promise to be the best criminal defense lawyers we can be to protect you and your future!

A Note from David Rozas:

“I have never taken my obligation lightly. As an experienced attorney in Baton Rouge, I believe in what I do, and so does every single person in my office. From the receptionists to the highest-ranking lawyers, we will ALL fight to get you the justice you deserve.”

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