Why choose us?

Many people ask me or one of my associates, "With so many lawyers out there, why should I choose you?"  I have always answered the same way. I don't think you came to us by choice. There is a reason why you've been brought to us. And, our results speak for themselves.  I grew up in a small town in Louisiana and I watched my father for over 35 years work as a small town attorney helping out EVERY SINGLE CLIENT who walked through the door.  I've carried on that same mission.  I've been practicing law in Louisiana in city, parish, state, and federal court AND throughout the United States in Immigration and Federal Court for over 16 years.  My team and I have been in the trenches helping people accused of crimes, husbands or wives seeking help with custody or divorce, and immigrants needing help in immigration court. 

We have helped literally thousands of clients in the past two decades achieve their dream of being cleared of wrong doing (in a criminal context), become a U.S. permanent resident or citizen, or gaining custody for their child.  But, let us not stop there!

1.  Many people are looking for a lawyer and are often fooled that ALL lawyers do the same thing.  Charge a bunch of money and never do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth with our firm.  We set REASONABLE fees and DO A TON OF WORK!  With over two decades of experience, we have realized efficient and economically sound ways to do all of the work required.  In fact, most would argue that we do MORE than the work required. 

2.  Most realize within the first 24 hours that when you hire Rozas and Associates law firm to handle your immigration, criminal, or family case, you immediately become part of a family.  Our family.  

3. Immediately upon hiring our firm, you get contact information for the Lawyer handling your case. Yes, you get the actual direct email to David Rozas, or one of the associates.  You no longer have to feel like you can’t talk to your lawyer. If you hire our founding owner, you actually get to talk to him whenever you need to. You receive his personal email and contact information and will be able to speak with him directly at any time (of course not when he is sleeping!). He always responds to emails and will always take calls. Our lawyers have been trained especially for this purpose. We have long since known that many people become frustrated with Law Firms when they cannot actually speak to the lawyer they hired. We understand, at Rozas and Associates, that you spend a lot of money in order to be represented by us and have one of our lawyers handle your case.  We don't take that lightly. 

A note from David J. Rozas:

I never have taken my obligation lightly.  I believe in what I do.  And, so does EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MY OFFICE.   From the receptionist, to the highest ranking attorney.  We ALL believe in what we do.  Every single client realizes this from the moment they hire us.  

This is why I don't believe you have a choice. This is why I stand behind the belief that you HAD to come see us.  If you are looking for a high powered firm while becoming a member of our "family," then you need to hire us immediately to represnt you or your loved one in their case.  Call me or one of my associates immediately at 225-478-1111.

David J. Rozas

P.S.  Always remember that EVERY SINGLE CONSULT in my office is free.  Lawyers shouldn't charge you to tell you how they can help you. They should always simply HELP!  

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