Family Adoptions

Making the decision to add a new member to your family is typically an exciting and significant time in your life. The legal process can be long, confusing, and stressful for the adoptive parents. There are different types of adoptions that can further complicate the process. If you are looking into adopting a child from foster care, your grandchild, your stepchild, or a child from another country - Rozas & Associates can help you. Hiring an experienced family law attorney can make all the difference in handling issues that commonly come up in the adoption process.

What are the advantages of hiring an adoption attorney?

 There are many advantages in hiring an attorney to help you navigate the process of adoption. An adoption always has to be finalized in court and this makes issues occuring more likely. An experienced attorney can help you avoid any setbacks in the process and make it more efficient. Family law attorneys understand the system and the processes you must go through for a successful adoption. An attorney will work for you to make sure that the many forms and paperwork required for an adoption are completed properly. Simply put, an adoption attorney will help guide you through every aspect of the process. Whether you’re looking to adopt your stepchild, grandchild, a child in foster care, or a child from another country you will never feel that you are handling this process alone.

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Our Louisiana firm offers a free consultation so that we are able to listen to your needs and determine the best way we can help you. We are able to advise you on your options and the requirements for adoptions in the state of Louisiana. We are committed to helping our clients successfully navigate through the adoption process. If you are ready to take the next steps in the adoption process, contact Rozas & Associates today to speak to an adoption attorney.

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