When a parent decides to pursue paternity testing to determine a child’s biological father, it can be a very emotional and difficult situation. Once paternity is determined, there are decisions that will need to be made regarding custody, visitation, and the role the father will have in the child’s upbringing. To protect the child’s best interest it is important that you seek representation by an experienced paternity attorney. 

Establishing Paternity

The law in Louisiana states that when a married couple has a baby they become the parents of the child in the eyes of the law. The married couple is entitled to special rights and responsibilities as parents of the child. When an unmarried couple has a baby together, things aren’t as simple as they are for married couples. The father must establish paternity or he is not considered a legal parent of the child. Establishing paternity is a legal process that ensures that the child’s biological father is their legal father as well.

Unmarried couples in Louisiana have two options to establish paternity. The options include signing an affidavit of acknowledgment or the baby’s paternity can be decided by a judge if a paternity lawsuit is filed.

How a Paternity Attorney can Help 

Mothers and alleged fathers can each benefit by hiring an attorney in a paternity case. 

The Mother’s Benefits:

By identifying the child’s biological father you can begin determining custody, child support, and visitation arrangements. Hiring an experienced attorney can help the child’s mother make her case if she is requesting child support or financial assistance to care for the child.

The Father’s Benefits:

The child’s biological father can benefit from hiring an attorney to gain rights regarding the child’s living arrangements. In an adoption situation, an attorney can help the father obtain the rights to determine whether or not the child is placed for adoption. A father may also go to court to challenge paternity in which case it would be imperative that an attorney be involved. 

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