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We also look into criminal convictions, good moral character, and what it takes to succesfully become a United States Citizen.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Citizenship

Do I lose citizenship with my home country if I apply for citizenship in the United States?

This is a complex question. The United States does allow dual citizenship, and they will recognize it when you become a US citizen. However, the eligibility requirements are not the same in every  country. Your home country may not recognize your status as a US citizen when you are on their soil. In extreme cases, there are countries that will terminate your citizenship if you apply for citizenship in the United States and complete the process. That being said, familiarizing yourself with your country’s laws and finding an immigration lawyer who offers free immigration consultations will be extremely helpful, especially when educating yourself on dual citizenship qualifications.

Can US citizenship be revoked?

Although it is very rare, yes, citizenship in the US can be revoked from a naturalized citizen. The process is called “denaturalization.” There are 4 main offenses that are considered grounds for denaturalization:
  • Falsification or concealment of relevant facts
  • Refusal to testify before congress
  • Membership in subversive groups
  • Dishonorable military discharge
If a denaturalization lawsuit is filed against you or any family members, it is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

How long does the citizenship process take?

The application processing time is around 8-12 months, but the time it takes to complete the entire naturalization process is typically 16 - 22 months. However, there are many factors that can affect the timeline of legally immigrating. 

What kind of questions are on the citizenship test?

When you take the citizenship test during the immigration process, you can expect all types of questions that pertain to the United States. The subjects of the citizenship questions can range from battles the US has fought in to foreign affairs to present-day legalities. Because there are so many possibilities, it is highly recommended that you study and take advantage of citizenship practice tests. These can be obtained at a citizenship resource center or even online. Finding an immigration attorney at a law firm near you would give you a large huge advantage as well.

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