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Detention Center FAQs

How can I find someone detained by immigration?

You can locate anyone who is currently being detained for possible violation of immigration laws through the Online Detainee Locator System. Using this system, you can also find anyone who was released within the last 60 days from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility. 

You can also call the field offices of the Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations, or if you know where the person is being held, you can call that detention center directly. 

While you can do all of these on your own should you find yourself looking for a loved one, we highly recommend involving a detention center lawyer in Baton Rouge to guide you through what can be a seemingly endless, complicated process.


Can you bond someone out of immigration detention?

If your loved one is being detained in a detention center, you may be able to bail them out in some cases. Many non-citizens held in immigration jail are eligible for immigration bond. 

Immigration bond is similar to other types of bond: someone, usually a relative or loved one, gives money to the court to have the detainee released. When the defendant shows up for their court date, the money is returned. 

Depending on your own immigration status in the United States, this may seem like a simple task. However, a detention center lawyer should be present for advice and counsel.


Can you visit an ICE detention center?

Yes, you can visit detainees, but you’ll first have to explain to his or her deportation officer who you are and your relationship to the detainee. Although you are probably eager to see your friend or loved one, you must have an detention center lawyer with you to protect yourself and the detainee. 

Having an detention center attorney with you can help make sure you don’t accidentally say anything to incriminate the detainee in question. Regularly consulting with a detention center lawyer during your case is always helpful. We can keep you up to date on immigration news and help ensure that your papers, immigrant visa, and other important documents are always in order.

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