Five Year Work Authorizations

Oct 6, 2023 by Rachel Chappell Chauvin

Five Year Work Authorizations
As an immigrant in a foreign country, it can often be difficult to navigate the complex visa and work authorization regulations. The introduction of the new five year work authorization has been a welcomed change for many immigrants in the United States. It not only offers a more secure and longer-term option but also provides a path to citizenship In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the new work authorization regulations, how they differ from the previous guidelines, and what benefits they offer to immigrants. 
Who Qualifies 
The new five-year work authorization may be issued to issued refugees and asylees, noncitizens paroled as refugees, noncitizens granted withholding of removal, noncitizens with pending applications for asylum or withholding of removal, noncitizens with pending applications for adjustment of status under INA 245, and noncitizens seeking suspension of deportation or cancellation of removal

This update also includes other clarifications related to employment authorization, including clarifying lthat the form I-94 can be both evidence of status and employment authorization for certain noncitizens who are employment authorized incident to status or circumstance. The update also explains that certain Afrghan parolees and certain Ukrainian parolees are employment authorized incident to parole. 

To be eligible for the five year work authorization, applicants must satisfy a frew prerequisites. The applicant must have been in the United States for a specificed period, have a clean criminal record, and demostrate that they need the work authorization to support themselves. Its important to note that the program isn't open to everyone, and each case must be reviewed individually to determine eligibility
The new five year work authorization program is an excellent option for immigrants looking for a more secure and stable future in the United States. The program not only offers a more extended work permit, allowing for more time to secure employment, but also offers several benefits, including an automatic renewal process and a social security card. Most importantly, the path to citizenship that this new program offers is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a permanent life in the country. If you believe that you may be eligible for the program, we recommend seeking professional assistance to navigate the process and maximize your chancces of success. 

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